WOW TBC Classic – Bug Reports Surrounding New Pre-Patch

WOW TBC Classic – Bug Reports Surrounding New Pre-Patch

At long last, The Burning Crusade (TBCC) treatment is finally coming to WOW Classic on 1st June 2021.

With plenty of new storylines, environment changes, balance updates and improved gameplay mechanics to experience, a huge shift such as this would undoubtedly come with its own set of issues and problems early on.

Hence is why the Pre-Patch was put into place, letting players transition through the changes smoothly while being able to report any potential bugs and glitches to be resolved before the expansion’s inevitable release later next month.

Upon the Pre-Patch’s gradual introduction throughout the world, bug reports have begun to accumulate, culminating in a list of current issues which the game’s developers will certainly be busy looking into.

Here are some of the biggest problems which have been catalogued throughout Pre-Patch, as of today:


  • Microsoft Security Essentials may classify exe as a potential threat/ virus/malware (due to unrecognizable software changes during Pre-Patch).


  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) effects not working properly with Shadows.
  • Glitchy textures around the Horde’s safe zones in Warsong Gulch.
  • Reflective surface textures may be too bright/ shiny.
  • Arathi Basin flags may appear to be too bright.


  • Casting ‘Blink’ while facing walls may result in the spell not working/ your character being frozen in place.
  • Drowning in water may result in a different Damage Calculation counter than in the original Burning Crusade.
  • Stealth animations for the Druid and Rogue classes may not function as intended for some races.
  • Warriors who are affected by Slow debuffs may execute a glitched running animation instead of walking.


  • Missing texture model for the [Uncommon] Aurora Cowl.
  • Weapon enchantment effects may appear to be too bright or flashy.


  • There is still no ‘Reset’ button in the Auction House’s filter settings.
  • The Azeroth World Map may sometimes replace the current Zone Map when opening it in Dungeons.
  • Zone Maps cannot be opened while the Scoreboard is being displayed in Battlegrounds.
  • Flight Masters in Silvermoon and Tranquillien display incorrect dialogue when talking to Blood Elf
  • Certain missing checkboxes in the Profession’s UI.
  • No ‘Show Free Bag Space’ option under the Display tab.


  • Casting ‘Hurricane’ may cause the spell-casting audio to loop for a few seconds.

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